Open source and GDPR compliant Intercom alternative

is a highly customizable and open-source live customer chat tool. Hosted in EU (Germany) 🇪🇺

Transparent and hosted in EU

Papercups is open source so you can verify exactly how we are processing your customer's data. Papercups-eu is hosted in Europe so it complies with local data soverignty laws

GDPR compliant and no cookie banners

Papercups is fully compliant with GDPR policy. Papercups stores the customer conversations in local storage. We don't store IP addresses or use any cookies in our chat widget . So no need for cookie banners.

Fully customizable widget

We provide a react component, vue component, Papercups is open source and made with a developer in mind. We support HTML, React, React Native and Flutter integrations.

Why use Papercups?

Quick setup

Papercups is open source and built for developers by developers. We know how busy your engineering team is so we make our setup incredibly simple On average it takes our users less than 10 minutes to setup and customize our chat widget.

Slack and Mattermost Integration

Reply directly from Slack or Mattermost. You never have to leave your workspace. Most chat widgets say they have Slack or Mattermost integrations but all they do is link it to their dashboard.


Papercups offer an on premise solutions for Enterprises that want complete control over your data. With Active Directory/LDAP integrations to make authenticating seemless

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